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Sores on Roof on Mouth Causes, Symptoms, Red, in Toddlers, Treatments & Remedies

Are worried upon discovering those horrendous sores on the roof of your mouth? Usually, the reason for their developing may be eating too hot or sharp foods (such as potato chip), cold or cankers sore. However, they could be a symptom of something more serious problem.

Also, they can be extremely painful, recurrent or difficult to treat (due to their location). Learn more about causes, symptoms,  treatments and more.

Causes of a sore palate

They can be due to a variety of different reasons. Some of these causes can just be minor inconveniences while other could be a sign of serious health complications that may demand further examination by a specialist. Below are some common causes:

1. Mouth Infections

Pizza burn sores on the rood of mouth
Pizza burn 

They can result from infections in the mouth. Such infections lead to discomfort, swelling and a painful abscess on the hard palate. According to healthyandnaturalworld.com, such infections often result from tooth decay, bacteria getting into an injury in affected part or due to viral infection.

Once you discover painful swelling in the hard palate,  then you should immediately see your doctor for a possible check-up, this will prevent the infection from spreading in the mouth leading to even tongue an throat sores.

2. Burns on roof of mouth

Another common reason is eating hot foods. Remember, the skin on the hard palate is more delicate than the tongue itself, therefore burns can result in blisters, swelling and generally damage.

Common foods that lead to burns in the roof of mouth are pizza or microwave heated foods. In such cases, you can see your doctor for treatments. Meanwhile, you can use remedies like aloe vera, honey or small drinks of iced water.

3. Canker Sore

Another blame for this problem is canker sores. “Canker sores usually appear inside the cheeks as well as on the tongue, gums and soft palate,” says babycentre.com. Canker sore causes involve exposure to bacteria or when tissues become destroyed by scratching.

It is characterized by red sores anywhere in your mouth which in the process get filled up by pus. It is advised not to burst them since the bacteria can spread further and cause other complications.

cancer sores on roof of mouth
canker sores

4. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer on roof of mouth can cause sores that won't go away
Oral cancer – sores that won’t go away

Usually, many sores on this area are mild, however, not all of them should be left untreated. They can sometimes be due to severe conditions such as oral cancer.

Oral cancer often takes more than two weeks to heal. So this condition is most treatable if intervened in earlier stages. Symptoms include white or red sores that will take beyond two weeks to heal.

Make sure you see your doctor for any mouth sores that don’t heal up in two weeks. If the doctor will suspect oral cancer, biopsy tissue evaluation may be done.

5. Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome sores on roof of mouth
Burning mouth syndrome 

This is a burning sensation that may be felt in the roof of the mouth, inside the cheeks, the tongue or entire mouth. This condition has the potential to cause sores on any parts.

Its major causative agent is not proven yet it has linked to oral infections, allergies, acid reflux or nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, it has a heavy severe irritation during the morning hours and the condition seizes as the day grows old.

6. Mucous cyst (mucocele)

Soft swelling and bumps on your palate may be due to a mucous cyst. This result when salivary glands get clogged and filled up with mucus. Dr. Alfred D. Wyatt Jr highlights that the symptoms of a mucous cyst on this area is a painless bump that is soft and round. Usually, mucous cyst heals of its own however if the bump grows bigger and is a source of your worry then you can book appoint with your doctor or dentist to get best advice or treatment.

7. Eating Irritating or sharp Foodstuffs

Irritating or sharp foodstuffs can majorly attribute to soreness on the roof of the mouth. For instance, sharp foods can cause damages on the tissues by leaving behind mouth blisters due to the intensive piercing of the delicate tissues of the mouth roof. Conversely, hot or cold spicy foods or beverages may also cause inflammation of the mouth roof hence leading to sores.

8. Dehydration

Dryness of the mouth is another cause associated with this problem. Here, the mouth may lack enough moisture hence rending its top part extremely dry. Such dehydration can dry out the mouth enough to make it feel sore and cracked.

9. Cold Sores

If they that don’t dissipate right away may be cold sores. They are caused by herpes simplex virus. They are common on the lips but can also be seen on the hard palate. They appear as painful, fluid-filled blisters that may later rupture and crust. During the healing process, you should not touch or pick them. If they don’t go away by themselves you should seek medical service from your doctor or dentist.


Symptoms may be mild or severe depending on the causes. The symptoms are really vital since they will help your doctor on the right path of diagnosis. So here are the most common symptoms that accompany this problem:

Sores on the roof of mouth
See them
  • Roof of mouth Pain
  • Abscesses
  • Swollen Palate
  • Bad breath
  • Muscle spasms
  • Mild fever

Now that we are familiar with the causes and symptoms, is there any way we can apply to get rid of this sickening issue?

Don’t mind, by the time you will have finished reading these article, you will have discovered the most effective remedies and treatments.

In toddlers

sores on the roof of mouth of a toddler

It always a good idea to regularly examine the mouth of your child. Oral thrush and cold sores are common problems in children. Back to our main question, what can cause this problem in kids?

Well, a number of factors can lead to this annoying condition. They include oral thrush, hand, foot and mouth disease, cankers sores, hot or sharps food, herpangina among others.

This issue causes sleepless nights to the parents. Considering that the child mouth may be too delicate to bear, you should immediately seek the help of your doctor immediately you discover symptoms in your child`s mouth.

Red sores

Red sores on the roof of the mouth
Red small ones

These sores may be white or red depending on the cause. Majorly, they appear red. The causes for red sores have a wide range.

Common causes include canker sores, candidiasis, coxsackievirus, allergic reactions and many more. The most important thing, therefore, is not whether they red, white or otherwise. It is how you respond to the symptoms in their initial stages.

Some symptoms may be mild but if not given quick and appropriate response we may talk about something else, it may be more serious.

Medical treatment

Depending on what primary cause is, there are treatments you can adapt to relieve your sores. Though some causes may also not require treatment at all, some do. The treatments here may involve home remedies and medical treatments. Let us explore some few treatments here.

Medicated Pastes

There are medicated pastes that can help relieve these sores. Many of these pastes contain benzocaine and fluocinonide which aid in quickening healing and relieving pain. Best results are achieved if the treatment is applied immediately the sores begin appearing.

Mouth Rinses

Mouth rinses that contain a steroid called dexamethasone and oral suspensions with an antibiotic called tetracycline can also be meaningful. Dexamethasone is responsible for reducing inflammation and pain whereas the antibiotic reduces the healing span of the sores. This should be taken as prescribed by the doctor since it may have some demerits that may affect you because of other disorders.

Nutritional Supplements

Vitamins like B-12 and B-6 are food supplements that can be easily administered to succor healing. Other food supplements include zinc and folic acid. Experts can assist you to know what to feed on to reduce pain as well as treating them.

There are also at-home treatments that can help relieve mild cases.T hey heal itching, kill bacteria and other responsibilities. Scroll down to get more insight.

Home remedies

Here are some of the homes remedies that can be used to manage this problem at home:

A) Use of milk

Milk has been known as an overtime regimen for many conditions. One of its functions is relieving sores on the roof of the mouth. You are only required to swish it around your mouth as you drink the milk several times. It also cools a burn on top your mouth if passed over the burned area severally.

B) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural remedy that performs a variety of functions. It can be discomforting during application but heals the sores and kills bacteria causing them. For application:

  • Cut a fresh aloe vera leaf
  • Remove its gel content and place it in a bowl
  • Apply the content carefully on the affected region

C) Quit drinking alcohol

Alcohol has drying properties, that dehydrate the mouth resulting in pain in the roof of the mouth. For a condition that occurred due to a different cause, excessive drinking of alcohol may prologue the condition to the even worse situation. In addition, avoid tobacco since smoking causes sores.

D)  Avoid spicy foodstuffs

Foods containing spices can cause irritations on the upper part of the mouth called palate which may lead to sores. As a precaution, you should avoid such food for a healthy palate.

E) Avoid hot foods

Take beverages that are warm and foods you are sure they won’t interfere with your mouth roof. Avoid extremely hot foods as well as extremely cold foods.

F) Use Of cold water or saline water

This method of relieving them is mostly applied when your sores are from burns. Gargling cold water on the throat will help reduce the pain. It cools the burning sensation making the palate skin calmer than before.

G). Avoid stress

During high-stress times,  they may occur therefore to terminate troublesome disorder, avoiding stress by doing things that make you happy. Other methods of avoiding stress can be by meditation exercising and deep breathing. Otherwise, a psychologist can give a better advice on how to get rid of stress.

H). Apply proper chewing methods

Sharp and hard foods should be eaten carefully since they not only affect the teeth but also the gums and the mouth roofs resulting in sores and bleeding in some acute situations. Chewing should be done gently and small balls at a time.

Other home remedies such as baking soda, eating soft foods among others may be used to treat this mouth roof soreness condition. For conditions that are persistent, seeking medical attention for examination, diagnosis and treatment should be the best choice to make.

When to see a doctor

If your symptoms become chronic or aggravate, you must see your doctor for a diagnosis. This will help to rule out any severe causes of mouth roof sores. Your doctor or dentist will be potent enough to provide any further advanced treatment if necessary.

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