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How to Make a Fake Lip Piercing: Studs, with Bobby Pin & Fake Piercing Rings 

Fake lip piercings have become very popular as not many people can stand up to the pain of getting a real one. While not everyone appreciates having a hole made on their lips, people still appreciate them as the most decorative pieces of body adornment.

Below, learn more about how to make fake lip rings and studs. Also, find out where you can buy good pieces of faux rings or jewelry at fair prices.

Lip piercings have a long history in the decorative art of the body. In the Aztec and Mayan cultures, they were used to symbolize status and beauty. In the current times, people have come up with different ways of relating to this art with a modern twist influenced by different fashions and trends.

Image 1- Fake lip piercings

Image 1- Fake one

There are varied reasons why people choose to go for non-body piercing body jewelry. The most common being non-commitment and inconvenience in cases where one is too young to get piercings.

While people of all ages can have fake lip piercings, they are most popular among young people who cannot get piercings due to non- approval from parents or teachers. They are adventurous and can help you to wear different funky looks for every different occasion. Other reasons for choosing to wear fake piercings include:

  • Occupations that do not allow piercings which if left without jewelry for a while will close up fast
  • To get a particular look at an event such as Prom, birthday or costume party
  • To find out how a real jewelry would look on you
  • For those who have had body reactions and wound healing problems

For some people, fake ones come out as cheap and tacky. However, if made properly with the right materials, it a nice way of looking cool without getting holes punched. You can also get nice pieces of faux lip jewelry at any accessory shop in your area.

There are several non-piercing jewelry options including lip rings and magnetic studs. For guys, fake lip rings look better while girls can easily pull off fake studs without looking all made.

To prevent the piercing from moving, you can use magnetic ends to hold them in place. This is more appropriate when you want to mimic the Madonna or Monroe lip piercings since only one end is visualized on the outside. The magnet can be simply worn inside while the gem or crystal stays on the outside. This can, however, be dangerous for teenagers as it poses a risk of swallowing or choking on the small pieces of magnet or jewelry.

To make this more acceptable and to reduce the risk of homemade faux lip piercings with substandard materials, manufacturers have come up with ways of making quality fake ones. Many jewelry outlets in the United States and the UK now stock different types of imitation lip piercings for those seeking a temporary alternative look.

If you are looking for where to buy one, choose from a vast selection of Spencer’s, Hot topic and Icing. To order online, check out products at Claire’s, Amazon and eBay at fair prices.

How to make or fake a lip piercing

A lip piercing may be what you just need to spruce up and accessorize your outfit. They may however not be acceptable in your workplace, church, school or at home where your parents will not let you have one. You can now easily make accessories and customize them to your personality and taste.

To make a fake one at home, you just have to get quality material and follow the simple step by step DIY procedures. Below we are going to learn how to make fake lip rings and studs that look real with simple material like a bobby pin or paper clip.

with a bobby pin

Image 2- You can make fake lip rings from bobby pins
You can make one from bobby pins
  1. Open the bobby pin without breaking it
  2. Take a pen or anything that is circular and use it to bend the curved part of the pin around it
  3. Gently perfect the curve around the pencil using pliers leaving a half a centimeter between the two ends
  4. Snip off the excess body pin metal so that you are left with the curved part
  5. If need be, bend or open the curve depending on your lip size
  6. Smooth out or file the cut edges of the pin to prevent injury to the skin
  7. Place your new accessory in peroxide or rubbing alcohol to sterilize or clean it
  8. You can also customize it by adding smaller hanging loops or doubling them to make snake bites

You can also use the same procedure to make a fake lip ring with a paper clip. You can use any other type of craft-able wire such an old earing or staple pin.

Image 3, 4 and 5- These images show how you can make one from a staple pin or straight wire.

Image 3- How to make a fake lip ring using a staple pin
Image 3- using a staple pin
Image 4- Straighten up the pin to make a straight wire
Image 4- Straighten up the pin to make a straight wire
Image 5- Fold the pin on something circular to make a hoop
Image 5- Fold the pin on something circular to make a hoop

How to face stud

  1. Get an old earring that you do not use anymore
  2. Cut off the wires leaving the ball or stud
  3. Apply clear nail polish or eyelash glue under the ball or over your lip and attach the ball to the where you want to create an illusion of a fake lip stud
  4. To take it off, simply twist and pull it off

Alternatively, you can use magnetic ends from the inside of the lip to hold the ball or crystal in place.

Fake lip rings

Faux lip rings made at home may not look that real. If the edges are not smoothened out, they may cause injury to the skin and if not sterilized may also be a source of infection. Get good quality that looks real at any mall with jewelry and accessory stores such as Icing and Claire’s.  You can now get fancy one for sale at Hot Topic, Walmart, and eBay. Get a silver faux captive hoop with an easy clip closure at Spencer’s for $9.99.

These rings are made to look real the closest possible. They come in two types- one has a movable ball just like the captive beaded ring and one without. They have a flat end that goes to the inside of where you want to have your faux lip ring.

Fake lip rings can be made of different material and colors to look real even with the closest look, see image 6 below

Image 6- Fake lip rings
Image 6- Fake Ones

You can also make an illusion of multiple faux lip rings in the same place just like the spider bites in the lower lip area. These can be opened gently to fit.  Get a wide variety of fake rings at body candy and body jewelry with different ideas for men and women.

Fake lip piercing and jewelry is a great way of body adornment that gives you time to make the right choices. Trying on fake jewelry may grow into a real attachment and you may decide to get a real and permanent piercing when the right time comes.

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