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Horizontal Piercing Process, Migration, Scars, Jewelry & Images

Horizontal piercings are so variable and can be placed anywhere on the face. From the earlobe which is rather too common, the lip is also a popular choice. It is a beautiful type that can be used to make a statement or enhance facial features.

Below is all the information you need to know about horizontal labret lip piercing pain, scar, jewelry, and pictures to show you its versatility.


A horizontal lip piercing is a very rare one- it goes through the actual lower lip. While others go through the least flesh, this one is done with a long bar going through its flesh and coming out without reaching the inside part. Placement can be at the center of the lip or at the corner. This piercing is most preferred by guys as girls think it looks hot on them.

The only problem with it is the pain having to go through a large area of the sensitive skin tissues and the high rejection rate. But this highly depends on the gauge size used. The smaller gauge has an easy cutting effect and won’t cut easily through the skin. A larger gauge bar won’t cut easily making it less likely to migrate.

People are different though and healing and the problems that one would encounter with this piercing also differ. Maximum care should be taken to prevent infections, migration, and rejection. Basic care is very important and necessary. Aftercare should include sea salt soaks, rinsing your mouth with mild unflavored mouthwash.

Note that, this it goes through a bigger part of your lip and scarring will be very eminent. It is best to get sufficient information on what’s best in terms of your piercer, other options and the type of jewelry.

As far as pricing is concerned, most piercers will charge a total for the procedure and the jewelry especially if they have to order custom jewelry.

Most times, back curved surface barbells have to be ordered at a certain curvature, gauge, and length. This is what makes pricing different. The more reason why you should get an experienced piercer since they are able to know what is the right type and size of jewelry for you. Check out different piercing shops and compare prices.

Horizontal Labret Piercing

Similar to vertical labret only that it is done horizontally. Unlike the vertical labret, this piercing is not as popular perfect for those who love trying out new piercings. It is done with a single curved barbell that goes through the center of the lip very much like a vertical labret only that it is done horizontally giving the appearance of two balls randomly sitting next to each other in the middle of the lip.

How do they look like – images

Here are some inspirational pictures to help you see what to expect

Pictures 1 – 3 Shows placed those right at the center of the lip

Picture 1- Horizontal labret piercing
Picture 1


Picture 2 horizontal lip piercing
Picture 2 – on a guy


Picture 3-Horizontal lip piercing on a girl
Picture 3-on a girl

Image 4 shows how a horizontal labret \ done at the center from one side to the other

Picture 4- Here is how a horizontal piercing is done
Picture 4- Here is how it is done


As stated above, it is done from one side to the other with both ends showing; it could be a normal labret, curved barbell, and spike of any type of jewelry one prefers. This very rare piercing is passes horizontally through the length of the lower lip. For comfort, it is usually done with a flexible type of jewelry.

The piercing can be done with a surface one where no holes are made inside the lip. The needle is inserted through the lip- a staple or a custom shaped barbell is used. You can alternatively use a back curved labret.

Another common method that is usually recommended by piercers is to get two Ashley piercings done with labret studs from outside in and placing them in a way to look like a horizontal lip piercing. This will perfectly mimic the look without putting you at risk of for the scarring that occurs when the surface barbell migrates out.

 Is it painful

How much does a horizontal labret piercing hurt? Pain is a very common concern for many people. However much people will tell you that it does not hurt, it sure does especially because the lips are very sensitive. People have different pain thresholds and will experience different levels of pain.

Does it leave a scar behind?

It goes through the lip from side to side rather than straight into the mouth also known as surface piercing are prone to migration and rejection. If it’s left to migrate, it may end up creating an ugly scar across the lips.

The tissue where it is pierced through is so thin that the chances of rejection are very high that some people can start rejecting within a few days after the procedure. If it tends to migrate a lot, your piercer may recommend getting two Ashley piercings, placed where they would look like a horizontal one.

The formation of a scar tissue depends on a number of things including the healing process, gauge the size of jewelry used and the individual healing capabilities. The presence of two scars on the lip tissue might be daunting for many. However, with time these scars fade to almost the shade and color of your skin tone. You can use scar fading cream and vitamin E to hasten the process.

This type of piercing may require great care to prevent it from migrating out especially in the early days of the healing process. Basic care involves sea salt soaks and regular mouth rinses to keep bacteria away. Be careful especially when eating, drinking and kissing in the first phase of the healing process.

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