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Nose Twitching Causes, Superstitions Myths, Stress, Astrology, How to Stop Nose Twitching and Pulsing

Why is my nose twitching? Is it a sign of good or bad omen? If you have the problem of nose twitching and pulsing, there are many possible causes. Learn more on causes, superstitious myths as well as how to stop nose twitching habit.

 Nose twitches may be a sign of destruction on a nerve.  Sometimes it could be due a tic disorder such as Tourette’s syndrome. In addition, it could also be due to inadequate amount of potassium in the diet.

Both excitement and stress are also among some of the factors that contribute to nose twitching. Caffeine, use of stimulant medication and drugs, lack of sleep too could other reasons for twitching of the nose.

Nose twitching and pulsing causes

This is because of nose muscles tightening up or contracting involuntarily. The causes of nose twitching are group into:

 General causes due to lifestyle

  • Dietary deficiencies such as a lack of potassium in the food we eat
  • Consumption of stimulant products such as drugs and caffeine in excessive amounts
  • Development of Anxiety
  • Too much exercise which may cause destruction to the blood capillaries in the nose.
  • Negative effect of some medication or prescription
  • Excess accumulation of stressed
  • Disorders development such as kidney failure, kidney stones and any other kind of kidney anomalies
  • Neurological causes of twitching

Nose twitching causes due to disorder of nervous system

Nose twitching and pulsing
Nose twitching and pulsing
  • Myasthenia gravis: which is an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder
  • Parkinson’s disease: excess accumulation of hair in the nasal cavity may a cause
  • Compression or entrapment of the nerves such as the arm’s ulnar nerve
  • Tourette’s syndrome: This neurological disorder is characterized by tics or vocal outbursts and is related to twitching of the nose.
  • Myotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Multiple sclerosis. It affects the brain and the spinal cord. As a result, a person becomes weak and gets a coordination and balance problem which may end up causing nose twitching.
  • Brachial plexus injury: it is an injury on the nerves that are responsible for transiting signals from the spine to the arms, hands and shoulders.
  • Muscular dystrophy: This is an inherited or genetic disorder that causes loss of muscular tissue leading to weakening of the muscles.

Nose twitching causes as sign of acute diseases

  • Brain tumor
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Transient ischemic attack occurs when a patient experiences symptoms that are a sign of an impending stroke
  • Trauma to the face, head or neck

Note: Twitching of the nose for most people is a hobby hooked to and that only they can notice. This is more so in the mild cases. In other cases, the twitching is too much with a high frequency, painful and can be seen by others.

This may be a bother to the victim. They should seek medical attention to ease the irritation and get comfortable.

Nose Twitching Superstition and myths

Although nose twitching can be a life threatening condition since it is associated with Brain tumor, Stroke, Traumatic brain injury or Trauma to the neck. There are lots of myths from different communities associated with twitching of nose especially around the bridge.

The nose twitching myths are group as either good omen or bad omen.

Good omen myths of nose twitching

  • You are about to meet your soul mate
  • There will be an achievement related celebration soon
  • Whatever plans you are having will come along well
  • You will be invited to a meeting with individuals in high authority
  • Money will be coming your way
  • Your worries will come to an end
  • You will be getting married soon
  • In the future you are likely to be calm and patient
  • There will be an achievement related celebration soon

Bad omen myths of nose twitching

  • There will be an end to ties with a family member following an ugly argument
  • Your financial status more so in business is going to suffer a huge loss
  • Occurs when you start to shed tears and sorrow will spread all over you.
  • Superstition
  • You are about to separate from your marriage partner
  • Someone will unmask you by revealing your secrets
  • A person you don’t like will ruin your plans
  • A close family member or friend is back biting you
  • Death in your family is about to occur
  • An uninvited guest will come over and stay so long it will affect you in a negative way
  • Your job lose is in the near future
  • You are about to separate from your marriage partner
  • Someone will unmask you by revealing your secrets
  • A person you don’t like will ruin your plans
  • You will in the near future run into debts.
  • Some evil is being planned against you

Tip of nose twitching

This could be as result from any grave neurological disorder but not benign fasciculations may be MS or ALS onset symptoms since those disorders tend to present with other kinds of twitching.

For me stress is the main factor and worrying about the twitch itself actually tends to prolong it, as I learned from a lip twitch that began during a showing of Persepolis and didn’t really go for a long time.

In case of vitamin deficiency or fatigue. Take some multi-vitamins, drink plenty of water, and rest well. Another search term could be HFS (hemifacial spasm) which is commonly attributed to anxiety or stress.

If would like to get some relief from gentle facial massage. Rub down from the bridge of your nose to the outside corners of your mouth, and from the bridge of your nose out towards your earlobes.

Although this condition is not serious but you can get more information on my nose keeps twitching/pulsing

Nose twitching and stress

Sometimes a twitch occurs because the body is overly tired and there is excess accumulation of stress. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. General anxiety can often lead to twitches.

Though seeing a counselor can help, some home exercises such as self-massage, meditation or breathing exercises might get things under control. Soothing music and deliberate breathing exercises to help relax are a good idea for your daily regimen.

Nose twitching astrology

Twitching of different body parts produces different results. The human body can give clues in this direction as it is profoundly influenced by the planetary energies. The body can provide omens in the form of a slight twitching in a certain area of the body.

According to Sakuna Sastra (The Astrology of Omens), these are considered very important. Below are the results we may expect when a twitching occurs in various parts of the body, according to ancient Indian and Arabic astrological manuscripts.

  • The entire nose: gets lots of wealth and status.
  • The right side of the nose: The native overcomes fear of their enemy. Overcomes disease.
  • Left side of the nose: Will become rich gradually. Fulfillment of a desire.

How to stop nose twitching habit

In case it happens to be a serious disease, you are required to seek treatment for it may cause complications and even permanent damage. The following is how to eliminate this habit of nose twitching:

  • Get a saline solution from a drug store and use it on your nose
  • Reduce the amount of caffeine and other stimulants that you take in a day
  • Have a potassium rich diet
  • Ensure you get enough sleep
  • Relax and stay positive. Avoid getting stressed.
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