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African Black Ant Pills & Capsules: Uses, Side Effects, Reviews and Buying Them

The African black ant pills have in the past years been surrounded by a lot of controversies. Traditionally, they have been used in a number of countries as a herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction. We explore the mystery surrounding these pills.

Pills and Capsule overview

Africa Black Ant is available in both black and red packaging. On the internet, it is promoted as a natural dietary supplement. It is also commonly referred to as the herbal Viagra. Various medical institutions have however cautioned against its use. It is listed as one of the unlicensed erectile dysfunction treatments available over the internet [Source: webmd.boots.com]. We discuss more of this below.

African Black Ants Pills, Where to Buy, Side Effects & Review


This is a sexual enhancement pill that is meant for use by males. According to its manufacturers, when used it should help to solve a number of sexual performance problems. The pills help in immature ejaculation, enhance erection enabling one to last longer as well as temporarily elongate one’s manhood. All this is meant to enhance performance and increase pleasure.

The black ant pill is readily available for sale online. One can purchase packs of six capsules on retail. It is also possible to buy wholesale pills for the purposes of reselling. The quantity that one picks is a personal preference. The wholesale prices are different from retail prices.

Specific sites may have different ways of purchasing the pills. The payment methods may also differ and therefore one has to put these on the mind. Most though have reliable customer service through which one can get matters cleared up before making a purchase.

African Black Ant King

The these ones come in a six capsule pack meant for enhancement of sexual performance in males. A person should take one capsule in a day and wait until 24 hours are over before they can take another one. It should be taken 30 minutes before the commencement of sexual activity.

It is believed that some trace elements remain in the body for up to seven days. It is therefore recommended that one only takes one capsule every four to five days to avoid too much of it in the body. This will be enough to build the level of sexual activity to the desired level at any moment.

The African black ant pills are readily available online. There are different stores offering amazing discounts for these sexual enhancement pills. These pills have a long history of use, especially in China. The effects of a single capsule are known to last very long when compared to that of other pills. What are the things that one needs to know about these pills before popping them into their mouth?

These are pills that are meant to be an all-natural solution for low libido. The pills are said to prolong sexual activities, improve the quality of organisms, and get rid of erectile dysfunction as well as impotency. The pills are available in stores as well as online.


There are a number of ingredients that work together to make the pills and capsules effective. These include:

  • Black Ant: This is an ingredient containing amino acids and which provides nutritional supplements. This will help to keep the body healthy and well balanced helping to solve sexual related problems upon regular intake.
  • Formica Sanguinea: The main target of this ingredient is improving the immune system.
  • Ginseng: this boosts the body’s energy levels and improves blood circulation.
  • Horse extract: This is also known as Hippocampi. It works by targeting the male sexual organs to keep him sexually potent and aroused. It will reduce the feeling of exhaustion as well.
  • Medlar: This helps in strengthening of nerves thus encouraging improved sexual performance.
  • Amino acids and trace minerals: these as well work well with the rest of the ingredients for an all rounded solution to sexual improvement.

Side Effects

As at of 3rd September 2014, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia had tested the African Black Ant capsules and found out the following:

  • It has sildenafil as one of the undeclared substances it contains. This is a medicine that is only meant to be taken on prescription only.

This makes the supply of these drugs illegal. The pills have also not been tested for efficacy, quality or safety just as is their place of manufacture not approved. This makes it most popular to purchase it online.

The Food and Drugs Authority also found that it contains taladafil and sildenafil. This has led to the recall of these drugs in the past. This is because the two components can be harmful to the consumers as they tend to interact with nitrates. This will result in low blood pressure. Other resulting side effects include headaches and flushing.


From most online reviews, it is evident that there are different variations. The original one is made using natural herbal dietary supplements. These help in stimulating sexual desire, maximize the pleasure as well as reduce fatigue. These they do without any harmful side effects.

Unfortunately, a lot of variations of this have since come up. These are products that have been manufactured using prohibited products meant only to be used in prescription drugs. It is therefore very important to find out as much information as one can get before settling for a product. Checking out online reviews is bound to give you enough information to help you in making a choice.

For sale/Buy wholesale pills or capsule

Before buying these pills or capsules, it is important to first evaluate if the positive effects outweigh the negative ones. Given the many bad things that could result from its use, it would be best to stay away from these pills.

In case of any problems with sexual activities, its best to consult a doctor for the best results. For persons who are still willing to take the risk, there are many online stores offering the capsules at reasonable prices. Do some research on which has the best terms and go for it.

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