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What Are Eyelash Conditioners? Which Brands Work Best? 

Do eyelash conditioners work or are they just another beauty fad? What are the best brands in the market according to the most trusted reviews?


A few years ago, conditioners for the eyelashes were a strange new product a lot of people regarded with skepticism. But it took and today it is almost a beauty staple. How did we get here? Well, it seems there are a good number of women and some men who want longer, plumper, curlier lashes but won’t be bothered by wearing lash extensions.

These conditioners promise more stable longer lasting results than mascara which sends you back to scanty sparse eyelash town the minute you wash it off.

A conditioner is also easier to use as you just brush a little a day. Breakthroughs in cosmetic research also mean you could achieve the eyelashes you desire faster with a conditioner and best of all is you can buy them without going to the doctor for a prescription.

Lashfood Phyto Medic, Natural Eyelash Enhancer
Lashfood Phyto Medic

Exciting huh? Running to the store to get you this conditioner sounds great right now. Doesn’t it? Yeah, before buying one; remember what we mentioned above are just the pros for conditioning your lashes for growth as an idea.

In the end, there is usually no suit all products and what may work for others may not give you as satisfying a result.

These products in the market have varying ingredients, some we can say are more natural than others. Some will strengthen and improve the appearance of existing lashes while some also contain some growth stimulating serum that helps them grow.

There also conditioners that are incorporated within other cosmetics so you reap the benefits of both. That is how you may see their tube reading i.e. that also conditions or lash conditioning primers mascara.

The best brands will not just try claim to give you the most benefits in one product, it should also be proven to deliver noticeable results as far as lash volume and length goes.

We know the shelves of Walgreen, Wal-Mart, Boots, or whatever retailer is close to you are teeming with various brands of lashes conditioner. It cannot be an easy task to sift through all of them to get the best. We hope the information below here will help you get the best product in your search for such a conditioning serum. We will explore some of the most talked about brands on the market. Stay with us.


It is difficult to talk about lash conditioners and not mention Revitalash, either those people at Athena cosmetics did a really good job marketing or, they have a really great product. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. Revitalash is marketed as a product that addresses the health of your eyelashes making sure you hold onto new growth as long as possible while at the same time making your lashes appear longer and thicker.

It also promises that the improvement will take and you will have glamorous eyelashes even when you wake up in the morning before you even put on the game face. A lot is said online about Revitalash Advanced or Revitalash Nouriche which is another brand name it goes by. Most of it is good and the only recurring con we noticed is that most people find it pricey especially since it is a non-prescription product. Most reviewers however still felt it was worth splurging on, rather the results were. After all, what is a little cash compared to gloriously long thick eyelashes every day, all day?

Athena says one tube of Revitalash Advanced should last you for three months when used as instructed so you do not have to shell out the cash for a new tube that often. Going by reviews you will have results by the time you get to the bottom of that tube and will not need much convincing to return to the store.

As we had mentioned, there is no shortage of good reviews online for Revitalash advanced. We, however, found this paulaschoice.com especially enlightening for explaining why Revitalash Advanced eye conditioner is so effective.

LashFood Conditioning Mascara and conditioner

This product promises to give you dramatic eyelashes in three easy steps. Strengthen, nourish and prime.  The strength ensures you are keeping them for as long as possible, the primer prepares your lashes for mascara while other properties claim to feed your lashes so they grow longer and thicker. To round it off, you are also getting the instant benefits of mascara like beautifully separated lashes.

There is a catch though; this is just one-half of your steps to lush lashes if a result that will survive your daily shower is your goal. The pitch says it is ideal for day wear, probably because it is also mascara. You are advised to use it along with LashFood Phyto-Medic Lash Enhancer, a lash conditioner without mascara which you use at night.

This product gets a four-star rating on Sephora too. You can also check out several more Lashfood Phyto Medic, Natural Eyelash Enhancer  amazon.com. They also say some very nice things about Lashfood.

L’Oreal Lash Boosting Serum

This one also gets some rave reviews. One unique claim is that it promises noticeably less lash fall out when removing makeup at night. It also says you can wear it under your mascara too, so that should mean you use it twice a day. Reviewers think it lives up to its promise of stopping lash fall out almost immediately. You might have to wait a few weeks for the other benefits this conditioner claims to give to your lashes kick in but according to these reviews, it will be worth the wait.

You can also drop by this allwomenstalk.com for more reviews.

Natural DIY

Before shelling out a lot of money for a store-bought lashes conditioner, why don’t you try homemade ones?

The ingredients are not that hard to find and applying it is as simple as a single layer on the upper eyelashes every night.

Vitamin E

All you need for this is Vitamin E capsules. Split one open and apply some of the vitamin E oil on your upper lashes every night before bed either with a cotton swab or cleaned out eyeliner or mascara wand for perfectly conditioned eyelashes.

Castor Oil and Almond Oil

These two oils are great for helping with hair growth and separately used on several home remedies for hair and scalp problems. We say combine them and apply the resulting mixture on your lashes using a cleaned out mascara wand. Do this twice a day on clean lashes for best results.

Coconut Oil

You can use this oil alone or mix with some olive or vitamin E oil. Apply this on your lash line daily and bid your time. Your eyelashes will reward you for your effort if you are consistent enough.

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