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How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows Quickly

What does having thick eyebrows mean? Can you get thick eyebrows naturally or with makeup? Get insight on thick eyebrows including the various home remedies for thick eyebrows, what having thick eyebrows means and world’s thickest eyebrows!

For the longest time, thick eyebrows were seen as a masculine trait. Women who wanted to be fashionable tweezed theirs to within an inch of their lives. They sure must be regretting now because thick eyebrows on women are the hottest thing right now.

You can blame Cara Delavigne and all those beautiful models with thick eyebrows. Oh, and there is also Lucy Hale. They got us here. But blaming them will not make your eyebrows any thicker. Our tips here will though, so please read on.

Thick Eyebrows - Picture credit to Marie Claire
Thick Eyebrows – Picture credit to Marie Claire

There is more than one way so, don’t give up because you think your eyebrows are naturally wispy. We will explore the long way which is growing out your eyebrows and the short instant way which is getting beautiful, thick, brows with makeup.

What Big Eyebrows Say about you

The kind of eyebrows considered attractive in women seems to be change every decade or so Thank God it is just between two options, thin eyebrows and luxurious, full eyebrows. The bad news is the two trends are so far apart! Extreme ends of the spectrum really.

That is why achieving the trending look requires extreme measures like taking a pair of tweezers to them  when Kate moss made the wispy eyebrow look cool or filling them in with an eyebrow pencil when the fad switched to thicker brows. The bottom line is eyebrows are an important part of looking good.

Why we have Eyebrows

In men, a thick brow has always been considered attractive. Think of any drool worthy male, now focus on his eyebrows. They are thick, no? Well, the look is considered more masculine, so much that even when women adopt it is still sometimes called the man brow or guy bro. In women, the thick eyebrow made a major comeback in 2015.

When they are not busy making a fashion statements, eyebrows actually have the very real function of protecting your eyes. Those little or plenty hairs depending on how generous the god of hair follicles was to you prevent liquids from entering your eye by rechanneling it to the side. If you are to be caught out in the rain, you will notice that rivulets of waters do not fall directly over your eyes like a waterfall, the waters trickles down the sides of your eyes instead. You have the eyebrows to thank for that.

Eyebrows also help with expressions. The forming of them and the enabling others to read them that is.

This strip of hair over our eyes can also tell people what we are all about at a glance. Forget betraying your overenthusiastic efforts with a tweezers, or wax strips or razor, (hey we are not here to judge you) eyebrows also say a lot about your character. Apparently, you can make a couple of conclusions about who a person is. There is an ancient Chinese art to reading them which you can read more about here.

Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire did a great breakdown on what your eyebrows mean. You can check them out to see what your eyebrows say about your stress handling ability, your generosity, and the kind of lifestyle you prefer. Also what you can expect from people with thick busy eyebrows.

When all is said and done, there seem to be an agreement that in the matter of thick vs. thin eyebrows, properly groomed, full eyebrows give you a fresher, youthful look. You can’t afford to take the eyebrow game lightly, especially now when they are the in thing so here goes.

Natural Remedies for Growth

Eyebrows are hair, never mind their position. As you have probably figured out by now, there are ways to try getting the hair you were not naturally gifted with to grow. We hope the following eyebrow thickening recipes will help you achieve fuller eyebrows in not too long a time.

1.Apply Castor Oil

This oil is pressed from the seed of the castor plant and is widely used for home remedies.

We love us a castor oil hair growth treatment simply because it gets great reviews all over the place for helping hair grow back.

It is thought to stimulate hair the hair follicle giving you growth while dealing with fungi and bacteria just in case this is what is impeding growth. It also strengthens already existing hair meaning we do not lose it till its full cycle is complete! Isn’t castor oil just great? You have not even heard, the best part yet which is just how easy it is to use.

Just dab on some pure castor oil on the eyebrows and massage for a few minutes, let rest for 30 minutes and rinse off every day. You should begin seeing your eyebrows getting thicker in a couple of weeks.

2. Massage With Coconut Oil

This oil has more uses than we care to list. If you have searched for a home remedy with a slant towards beauty, you have probably come across it. It helps with hair growth by conditioning existing hairs, making them soft and pliable and less susceptible to breakage. This is important because what good will growth do you if you are losing every new hair to breakage? It also protects your hair follicle from infection.

For this growth potion, you will just need pure extra virgin coconut oil and a cotton swab. Or you can use your fingers to apply some coconut oil on your eyebrows and massage it in. You can leave it in overnight or through the day.

3. Use Onion Juice

Yes, you can use the juice of good old onions to grow thicker eyebrows. The sulfur abundantly found in onion juice stimulates hair growth.

To use this remedy, you will need to blend one small onion and apply the juice to your eyebrows. Leave it for one hour and rinse off.

To completely remove the pungent smell of onions from your eyebrows, rinse thoroughly or you can use a little diluted lemon juice to rinse.

Do this several times a week and you will see your eyebrows get thicker in time.

4. Try Aloe Vera

The gel of Aloe Vera has a compound that promotes hair growth meriting it a place on this list. The natural gel, straight from the leaf is the best but you can also use a gel from a health store you trust has genuine pure products. Split open the leaf and scoop out the gel and apply on the eyebrows and massage till it is absorbed. Using daily will make your eyebrows thick.

5. Use Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are thought to promote hair growth and thus can be used to make an eyebrow thickener.

You will need to soak a handful of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, and then make a paste of them in the morning.

Apply this paste on your eyebrows and leave on for an hour then rinse off. Do this twice a week to grow and thicken your eyebrows.

6. Egg Yolk

This is one time when egg on your face means a win. Don’t focus on the icky factor; egg yolk which is packed with biotin is all about promoting healthy hair growth.

To make your very own eyebrow thickening product from the comfort of your home, you will need to crack an egg, separate the yolk from the white.

Beat the yolk and apply it on your eyebrows. Rinse off thoroughly when the yolk dries. Use egg yolk at least thrice a week to thicken eyebrows naturally.

7.  Just Dab on Some Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil conditions hair and unclogs pore which promotes hair growth. Use this oil to get closer to your goal of a thick eyebrow by rubbing on a little and leaving it overnight and washing off in the morning. Daily use is best for results.

Using Makeup

Do you want to rock thicker fuller eyebrows but your eyebrow hair will not co operate? Worry not; you still can with the help of some makeup, specifically an eyebrow pencil.

You may need to look at a few trending eyebrow shapes for those with thicker eyebrows for what the world calls inspiration but what we all know will be basically copying. You may even get this perfect brow shaping tool to help you.

At the end of the day though, you will have the thick dark eyebrows you so desire.

Check out this tutorial for a step by step guide to nailing using a little fakery to make eyebrows thicker. Here is another one teaching you how to make eyebrows look thicker in a couple of minutes.

It may be a fast way to get darker thicker eyebrows, but if you don’t get it right, it may be a hilarious disaster.

Avoid the temptation to overdo it and ensure the result you end up with is as natural looking as possible.

Thickest brows in the World

We know right now the message is go thick or go home, and you are doing your best to get to the thickest, most luscious lashes, but trust us on this; there is a degree of thickness you will not want to reach. It is pretty hard to get a picture of the person with the thickest eyebrows in the world, probably because pretty much anyone can get tweezers or a razor now. But we will just leave these eyebrows fails here as a cautionary tale.

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