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Bumps on Forehead: Small, Red, Itchy or Hard Ones

It is not awesome to have bumps on your forehead including small red ones. They can be itchy or painful. They may be skin-colored, red, or whitish. Find out more about possible causes including those not pimples.


Inflamed acne bumps on forehead
Inflamed acne 

What causes them on my forehead? The following discussion shines a light on various conditions, rashes that cause them pop up on your forehead.

Rosacea bumps

Rosacea is a skin condition that is remarkable of blushing and redness at inception.

Doctors don’t know the exact cause of rosacea. However, the occurrence of this condition is linked to certain things including sunlight exposure, certain medications such as corticosteroids, hot beverages and stress can trigger rosacea on the face.

This condition is prevalent amongst the old age but can occur in middle-aged individuals.

Milia on forehead – small white

Can milia form on the forehead? Yes. There are different forms of milia or cystic milia. Milia is common in children and do affect several areas around the face.

Milia is caused by trapped keratin beneath the skin. If they occur on the forehead they are most likely to be cystic. This form occurs in young children as well as adults. It should clear on its own in few weeks without treatment. However, talk to your GP if they make you not be in terms of your personality. Optional treatments include laser ablation, curettage, cryotherapy and chemical peels.

These cystic bumps do not pose major health problems but can be emotionally disturbing. Milia on the forehead should not be taken to be whiteheads or fluid filled-blisters or acne.


What causes pimples on the forehead? Facial pimple outbreak can due to hormonal changes or contributed by poor or cheap facial products including soaps, moisturizer creams, and other beauty products. Pimples as a result of a change in hormone concentration are quite common among the youths, adolescents or those at puberty. Pregnancy and menopause as experienced by the young women are also quite real. These changes trigger glands to produce more body oils which is the major cause.

Now, whether they are little or small pimples, pimples normally are unattractive and sounds like a disaster to those practicing beauty or investing in cosmetics. Pimples normally cause discomfort and may affect some individuals emotionally.

If you try to pop, scratch or manipulate them prematurely they become very painful. Many times they look swollen and inflamed due to irritation. Infection can only worsen them. Even though pimples can be easy to deal with when the right approach to treatment is prioritized.

There are other types of pimples referred to as blind pimples. They too cause pain and may be mistaken to be other bumpy growths under the skin. They require a slightly medical approach since are quite difficult to identify and treat.


Acne can result when follicles get clogged by sebum. Acne bumps might appear as small swellings composed of mainly dead skin cells and excessive oils.

They could also be triggered by the use of facial products that also result in sweating. This may cause “waxy acne bumps” on the forehead. According to Dr. Emer Jason, “waxy,” they do not respond to treatments easily. They could alter the skin texture hence the waxy feeling.

Exposure to direct sunlight can aggravate acne and result and the acne pimples red.

A type of acne that appears underneath skin sometimes known as subclinical acne can also form in the forehead. In severe cases of acne, hard bumps referred to as acne nodules may result. Sometimes cystic acne can develop. A high number of cases of acne breakout on the forehead occur in young adults.

Heat bumps  (miliaria)

Heat rash is an ugly eruption that leads to body discomfort by itching. Majority of the cases of heat rashes are reported during the hot, humid weather.

They are caused by blocked sweat ducts. This implies that sweat cannot be released and in turn gets trapped. Now, the heat rash is normally itchy and painful if the sweat is trapped along with bacteria.

It can be categorized by the nature of the symptoms or signs typical of that type of heat rash. Namely;

  1. Rubra. This type is typical of itching and redness on the affected areas of the face. It is common for toddlers and young children.
  2. Profunda is a deep skin colored rash heat rash. It is also itchy and painful
  3. Crystalline heat rash is characteristic of painless transparent bumps

Gluten allergy

Gluten resistant individuals cannot digest it properly and this leads to immune response-related problems. One is related to how insulin is released. If for instance, insulin production rates in the bloodstream go up, there are increased chances of hormonal acne.

Other causes

Some of these causes include:

  • Facial mite infestation
  • Mosquito bites

After Botox?

I have a bump on my forehead after Botox.  What does it mean? If well done and by a certified dermatologist Botox reactions are far less and unlikely as their formation is a concern. Well, the drug used as injection could be a culprit. However, the kind of treatment before or after-treatment procedures may cause the bumps on your forehead.

If you have Botox for skin treatment see your dermatologist who did the procedure.

Small or tiny

small whitish bumps on forehead
small whitish ones

Little ones can be harmless but nor welcoming especially when they look red or white. It would be odd if they cause pain or itch. Could they be pimples on your forehead?

Small red colored ones could signify a typical skin condition known as rosacea. This condition is marked with redness when it starts out on the face especially on the nose and around the mouth. They could appear followed later on. This condition may affect people who are prone to facial flushing or have a fair skin complexion.

Another possible cause of small ones is acne. Bumps due to acne usually appear red if they are inflamed. Sometimes they look like real pimples. However, they should be distinguished from pimples. Typical pimples usually hurt and cause pain especially when scratched or touched.

Other causes of small or little include hormonal pimples, whiteheads, heat rashes, measles, and lupus. They sometimes can be a result of body reactions to medications.

Acne, rosacea and mosquito bites can cause small red bumps on your forehead. Furthermore, chronic stress and trauma resulting from repeated head surgery can contribute to red or inflamed acne.

Itchy ones

Do you have itchy bumps on your forehead? Itchy, small or big ones are characteristic of skin rashes. As we stated earlier rashes can be caused by a good number of things. Refer to the symptoms but more importantly see your dermatologist if you want to understand the triggers for the rashes. Rashes can be itchy while some are asymptomatic, that is, no symptoms that can help identify it.

Heat rash is one of the itchy rashes, especially in young children. Other possible causes include folliculitis on the hairline and multiple eruptive milia.

Not pimples

I have a hard bump on my forehead and think are not pimples. What could they be? They could be described as being small or little or perhaps big but not pimples. Huge ones or lumps don’t go away on their own or easily. Here is a predisposition.

facial osteoma can cause bumps on forehead
facial osteoma 
  • Forehead osteoma which are hard or bony growths/knots on the forehead
  • Lipomas
  • Acne Nodules
  • Cysts
  • Rosacea

Hard bumps, but not pimples are normally treated or removed by dermatologists who examine them prior to removal. This is due to the fact that high chances of scarring can result from acne nodules. Complexity in the formation of or nature of location (i.e. on forehead or hairline) may necessitate clinical treatment.

How are they treated?

Bumps on your forehead can be unsightly whether harmless or cause pain. What do you do to get rid of them?

Treatment is administered differently depending on the causes. Some common treatments include the following:

Acne treatments

They include creams, gels and serums applied externally to the skin. They help in unclogging of skin pores to rid your skin of excess sebum produced. In addition, your doctor may preferably prescribe topical antibacterial medicines to prevent infections or improve acne on your face. He or she might instruct to stop applying heavy facial makeup or oils during the treatment course.

This form of combined treatment is quite effective but may take a few weeks to deal with mild acne and bumps.

Most ace products are available as over the counter medication (non-prescription) and are safe to use with the instructions provided. These are quite effective for mild acne pimples. Prescription acne medication is given by a medic only.

How to get rid of pimples on forehead

Learning how to manage pimples after its outbreak will help teenagers and young people cope up with body changes that come along. Below are insightful highlights touching on the best treatment, facial products and managing forehead pimples.

Facial cleansers and washes

These are the common products used in dealing with pimples on the face. A regular wash with cleansers helps to kill bacteria in the process and enhance unclogging of the pores. If you want to get the best just wash once per day. The bottom line is ensuring you are using products that suit your skin type and needs of your skin.

Acne medications

Acne treatment is one of the best treatment for pimples on forehead and other areas around the face. Dermatologists recommend the use of acne medicines especially in adults who have frequent pimple formation of the face or those prone to acne outbreaks.

Antibacterial medication

Topical antibacterial treatments can prevent infection of pimples hence causing more trouble. You can either use non-prescription products like creams or get medication from your nearby drug store.

In addition to the above treatments here are simple but helpful remedies for forehead pimples

  • Avoid touching pimples on the forehead or anywhere on face
  • Resist form popping or scratching them
  • Stop applying your newly acquired facial products if you realize zits have started to pop on the face
  • Avoid chemical soaps for facial washing. Instead use warm water alone or a facial wash

Apparently, you cannot totally prevent pimple outbreaks.

Heat bumps treatment and remedy

Heat rash does not require treatment in many cases since it will disappear in a few days. However, there is need to stop itching especially in small kids as well as young adults. Doctors prefer using prescription medicines to get rid of the symptoms like itching or inflammation. According to Dr. Adam Bodian, staying in a cool environment is the simplest way to get rid of heat bumps.

Other remedies for heat rash include

  • Calamine solution to reduce inflammation
  • Cold compress if you experience the painful sensation

Rosacea treatment

Treating rosacea is quite difficult because the causes are not well known. Nevertheless, doctors recommend avoiding the triggers. They include spicy foods, avoiding the temperature extreme areas and stress management.

Dermatologists sometimes advise patients to do facial washing with oil-free products and use of regular gentle cleansers are top preventive remedies.

Remedies due to skin rashes

Small bumps on the forehead sometimes are characteristic of skin rashes. Rashes can be due to allergies, bites or skin conditions like eczema. Here are helpful home remedies for itchy, red and inflamed rashes.

Olive oil

Olive oil helps in skin renewal by keeping in moisture and soothing your skin. You can also add a small amount of turmeric powder before applying. Alternatively, moisturize your skin with vitamin E oil.

Baking soda not baking powder

A solution of baking soda is a good natural relieving remedy for itching rashes. You can prepare by mixing baking soda and your natural oil of your choice instead of water. Apply to the affected areas gently and then rinse after 3 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar

Apply raw apple cider vinegar to reduce itching and inflammation. This remedy will also help keep infection-causing bacteria at bay and enhance healing.

When you must see a doctor

If you notice that treatments cannot improve the presence of large bumps or they won’t go away promptly see your GP. Small ones that come and go are symptomatic of fungal, bacterial or viral human infections – measles, for instance. When the rash cannot improve with time seek medication or consult your doctor without delay.

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