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Why Are my Balls Smelly and Sweaty? How Do I Stop this Odor

Smelly balls or testicular odor is majorly due to sweating and bacterial activities in the groin region. It is very difficult to control the sweat glands located in this area but it is possible to limit the odor and prevent the loathsome stink.

Here is information about the causes, sweaty and itchy scrotum, how to stop smelly the odor using very simple and effective home remedies and treatments

The problem of odor in this area can be very embarrassing especially in the romantic moment. She may not like to stay down there for a long time or she can completely find other alternative places! So if that can be the impact of smelly balls on your partner, then what about you who bear all the smell?

The impact will be very intense especially when you tack in your shirt, all the smelly gas from the ball will encroach through your abdomen to the chest as they try to locate your nose. When it gets there, you will just have won yourself a room in hell!

You should also not forget that odor can be a symptom of mild to the severe medical problem. “Having a smelly groin is bad for your health, and is an indication that fungus and bacteria are building up” [healthmds.org]


Smelly balls causes, remedies

There numerous factors that can lead to sweaty or smelly balls. In a medical context, smelling balls are due to bacteria that are present in the groin area. These bacteria feed on a sugar contained in the sweat and in the process of feeding, a very offensive odor is released in form of a gas. So all the factors that enhance groin sweating and the growth of bacteria can cause balls sweat smell. Here are some causes of sweaty and scented balls:

1. Hyperhidrosis (Heavy sweating)

This is a condition linked to heavy sweating during normal or low temperatures. Hyperhidrosis is initiated by low blood sugar levels, overactive thyroids, hypertension, leukemia, lymphoma, certain drugs as well as some infections.

2. Long Pubic Hair

Hairy balls can also be another compounding problem towards your odor balls. Pubic hair causes moist and warm environment in the groin area. They absorb and retain all the sweat rendering your groin area to be a perfect breeding site for bacteria which will the feed on sweat to cause an unpleasant odor. This may also lead to itchy scrotum that may make you develop the urge to scratch them.

The only solution, in this case, is to keep your groin hair well groomed and trimmed.


Obese and over-weight people normally have excess fats and tender skin in their groin area which are good heat conductors that can trigger sweaty balls smell. This can also result in massive friction between your thighs. Try to go to the gym and change your diet.

4. Improper undergarments

It has been proved that putting on underwear or pants that are wet, unbreathable or very tight can result to the moist groin. This can lead to a bad smell in the groin area. Undergarments having detergent residue can also trigger groin skin reactions. An undergarment that also contains some medical fiber materials can also induce the similar problem.

5. Poor personal hygiene

If you are a man and you don’t bathe regularly, you are likely to experience sweaty balls that may seriously smell. If you don’t take regularly shower then you will be aiding the accumulation of crotch sweat on your scrotum or rather your groin area. This will enhance the growth of bacteria in this place causing your balls to smell. Remember just a simple shower is enough to stop sweaty balls smell.

In addition, wearing dirty underwear is just another bad behavior that can lead to this problem. 

6. Sexual activities

Sexual activities that usually leave you with leaking sexual fluids can as well lead to bad testicular odor. These fluids can find their ways down to your balls and if left to stay there for long time, they can lead to a very bad smell. Such sexual activities include excessive masturbation and sexual intercourse. Make sure you take an immediate shower after such activities and wash your scrotum properly.

7.  Stress, anxiety and fatigue

All these three factors can overstimulate the sweat glands leading excess sweating in the body including the groin area. Remember, the high the rate of sweating the higher the growth rate of the bacteria since there is a conducive habitat. Other factors that can influence the sweating glands include response to anger, fear, emergency, embarrassment, and nervousness.

8. Certain infections and Diseases

Smelling balls can also be due to yeast infections, bacterial infections, and eczema. These can trigger itchy or inflamed skin in the groin area that may result to open blisters with stinky discharge. Sexually Transmitted Infections can also lead to such blisters. If you suspect that STI`s or STD`s is the triggering factor of such blisters, then please see your doctor immediately.

9.  More causes 

  • Physical action such as running, walking or any activity that involve movements of both legs
  • Changes in body temperatures following harsh climatic conditions
  • Regular consumptions of spicy foods or dairy products
  • Medical condition connected to prostate gland inflammation (prostatitis)

Itchy and sweaty scrotum

Sweating in the scrotum usually increase the amount of fungus and bacteria on your balls. Such fungus and bacteria can lead to itching on your scrotum

Once you have an itchy scrotum, you will develop an urge to scratch them. Scratching can spread or aggravate certain infections or even lead to open bruises. Such bruises can contain smelly discharge, but this will depend on the status of concerned infections. So the whole issue here proves to us the importance of keeping our balls clean, groomed, dry and fresh.

How to stop the odor and sweating 

For one to be able to treat or stop/prevent testicular odor, he/she must have a prior knowledge on what causes sweaty balls. Many home remedies can easily stop bad testicular smell but remember all the causes cannot be prevented using home remedies, some cases will require doctor`s intervention. In this section, we are also going to discuss home remedies and habitual changes that can help stop smell balls.

Home Remedies 

Some of the very effective home remedies for

a)      Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a very wonderful bacteria fighting product. It is a very effective deodorant for balls. It help to eliminate testicular odor by controlling or balancing the pH level of the scrotum skin. Below are the steps on how apply apple cider vinegar is applied:

  • Immerse cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and then gently apply it on to your scrotum
  • Wait for 5 minutes and take shower
  • Repeat the procedures twice daily until you achieved your desired result.

On the other hand, one cup of apple cider vinegar can be added to bathing water. You can then properly soak your balls in the water for 15 minutes a day.

b)      Baking Soda

Baking soda is another amazing product that can be used to stop balls smell. It acts by absorbing body moisture. This makes it perfect to absorb the sweat in the groin area hence reducing the odor. It also kills bacteria and works the same way as natural ball deodorants. Follow these steps to apply this product:

  • Mix equal amount of baking soda and cornstarch
  • You can then apply the mixture to your scrotum to stop the crotch sweat and bad testicular odor
  • It will work perfectly and effectively work within few hours

c)       Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains an acidic property which lowers the skin pH level hence creating a harsh environment for bacteria to survive in such environment. This characteristic makes lemon juice to be ideal for all body smell including smelly balls.

It can be somewhat irritating for those having sensitive skins but you can still dilute it with to relative concentration that is favorable to your skin. After dilution, you can then apply the solution on your balls and leave it on the skin for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. An alternative procedure involves:

  • Cutting fresh lemon into two halves
  • Rubbing one lemon on your smelly balls and allow the juice to get into the skin and dry by itself before you could shower
  • The process should be applied once in a day until the unpleasant odor is gone

d)      Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree treatment is also among the effective groin body odor remedies, it has got anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties that give it the power to get rid of bacteria and therefore limit the odor from your balls. Since they bear astringent property, they can as wells regulate the sweating process in your groin area.

  • Add two drops of tea tree oil to a cup of water
  • Put the solution into a spray bottle and then apply it to the groin region

In case you experience any irritation, stop using the solution and shift to other alternatives

e)      Cornstarch

Cornstarch has the potential to stop sweating in your groin region. After taking a shower, wait for your body to dry completely and then apply cornstarch on the areas on your groin that you feel is prone to intense sweating. Actually, it will help reduce or limit excessive sweating in groin area in male

f)       Salt Crystals

Salt also a good ball deodorant that helps to stop the odor as they have a dehydrating effect on the body. So the application of salt will limit the activities of the sweat glands. Just like cornstarch, after bathing, allow your body to dry completely and then rub salt crystals on your groin region. The processes should be repeated as you may see it necessary.

Other products that can also help preventing smelly balls by killing bacteria or limiting sweating include Tomatoes, aloe vera, Talcum powder, tea bags, wheatgrass, turnips, witch hazel, sage, rosemary among other products.

Habitual Changes

Here are some of the habitual changes that can help stop or prevent smelly ball include:

  • Taking regular shower, take at least one shower in a day
  • Wear breathable and loose-fitting undergarments especially those made of cotton
  • Have your pubic hair well groomed, long hair will absorb all the sweat leading to bad smell. On the other side, too short pubic hair can also trigger irritation, so just keep them neatly trimmed
  • Powder your thigh to help in absorbing excess moisture. This should be done after bathing. Choose the best talcum powder for balls
  • Use only body lotions fashioned to prevent groin perspiration
  • Drink enough amount of water every day to make sure that your body toxins are flushed out.
  • Always keep your groin region dry and fresh
  • Always wash your clothing after putting them on
  • Learn to manage your stress, anger, anxiety, and depression

Apart from the above-discussed home remedies and habitual changes for stopping this problem, smelly balls caused by some infections such as sexually transmitted infection or other medical condition such as prostatitis may demand medical intervention. So a solution or remedy here will require the treatments of those underlying diseases or medical conditions.

So when the home remedies and habitual adaptations prove to be barely effective, book an immediate appointment with your doctor, he/she will administer proper diagnosis and the suitable medication for even severe triggers such as sexually transmitted disease. Note that, it is very dangerous to treat your smelly balls without establishing the real causes.

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