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Newspaper Advertisement Types, Tips for Attractive Ads, and Print vs. Online Adverts

Newspapers advertisement is one of the oldest form of advertising but up to date, it is still an effective way to reach many people. It is basically print adverts that run in local or national, daily, weekly, monthly  or simply periodical news publications. While some people prefer other form of advertisement like television, radios, and internet, newspapers ads are still valuable. Do not ignore newspapers advertisements since it plays a very important role in promoting and improving businesses including some of the globally known brands.

Whom does newspaper advertisement suit?

This type of advertisement is most appropriate audiences that tend to have access to newspapers more frequently. Whereas the young demographic groups, tent to get their news form televisions and internet. The newspapers advertisement is still worthwhile since you can direct your advert to your targeted group by requesting that your advertisement run in the section that is closely related to your targeted audience. The related sections may be sports, lifestyle or business sections.

Are newspaper advertisement costly? – Newspapers Advertising Rates

If your business is considering newspaper advertisement, it is good to understand that there are different ad tariff and rates depending on a number of things. Furthermore, you will find that different publications will tend to have or give different offers for different types of advertisements. So what factors influence the newspaper advertising rates?

To begin with, your advertisement cost will depend on the size of your ads, what section of the paper you want your advert to appear, the frequency in which you will keep the ads running, the day it is published and what publication you will use and how many people it reaches (circulation volume and demand for the newspaper you are considering).

In the case of multiple publications, one will be forced to have several sales representative from each newspapers company. These representatives will give you price quotes and helping you design your advertisement. Such a case will definitely make the cost to be much higher.

Newspaper advertisement for a job opportunity

It is also important to understand that daily papers are very expensive than weekly or monthly ones. So if you find dailies too much expensive for you, you can save money by only running your ads in the local sections where the daily papers provide for their customers at lower rates.

However,  if you find it very difficult that you can’t afford the daily papers at all, then you can start with weekly, monthly, subscription-based and publications just in your neighborhoods. This will also help you save your money when you don’t have enough.

Types of news paper advertisement

We have seen something small on the cost of newspaper advertisements. Let us now have a look at the different types of newspapers adverts before we move on to tips for preparing newspaper ads.

Classified Ads

These are among the smallest and cheapest newspapers adverts so far.  They always contain texts and numbers and at times some small colored images and they are known to be text classified and display classified. Again they occupy a small pace in the newspapers and they are usually meant for small business owners and also consumers. Classified ads can be effective because they run for a particular period of time.

Below is a snapshot of classified ads on a newspaper template with four columns.

Newspaper advertising – Classified newspaper ads

Display Ads

These are the types of newspaper ads that normally gain much attention of readers because they occupy a larger space in the newspaper. Most of the times, you will find them occupying quarter, half or the whole page of a newspaper. They can contain as many words and pictures or the information may require.

Display adverts are usually used to create awareness of a new product in the market. It may be very expensive for some business owners to have display advert in some famous or leading newspapers. The advertisement rate for this kind of newspaper advertisement will increase as per the number of words and the area they occupy in the newspaper.

Spotlight Ads

Spotlight ads are the types of newspapers ads that are highlighted in a particular background color. They can be designed in a way that make your ad be distinguished from other ads. These kind of ads are somehow expensive than the classified ads. They always attract the attention of readers making them more effective.

Business Cards Ads

This kind of advertisement can be in the size of business card or sometimes bigger. They always have thick outer borders. These types of newspaper advertisement are among the best type of business ads that are good for improving your business. They can be placed anywhere in the newspapers and their rates are more based on the number of words, the size of the advert and the place of appearance in the newspaper.

 Circular Ads

Circular newspaper advertisement are not usually printed in the newspaper. They will normally come with the newspaper separately as different sheets. This is due to the fact that this kind of adverts are printed with different parties and then inserted alongside a newspaper. For this case, you will not pay much to newspaper advertising agencies. You will only be required to cater for the printing service

Tips before preparing newspaper advertisement

Here are some of the important tips that will help you while preparing your newspaper ads:

  • You should give your sales representative all the needed information that may be required ahead of the deadline. This will help you get a proof sheet that will help confirm if everything is correct before it gets printed.
  • If you have a website then you can add your URL to all the print advertisement. This will help to direct people to your website. In your website, you can avail more ads and information that you could have not afforded in the newspaper.
  • Provide a free coupon at the bottom section of your advert to provide more information for your customers. You can use this coupon to determine the number of people viewing your ads.
  • Proof read the ad to make sure that what the reader will see is what you intended to give. You should make sure that all details are available for instance you should confirm your phone number, URL, brand names among others.
  • Consider the color of your ads for added eye attraction and conspicuousness or so they be easily noticeable.

Tips for attractive advertisements in newspaper

When it comes to creativity of newspapers adverts, we must understand that creativity is something that is not measurable. This is so due to the fact that if one reader likes your work that will not be a guarantee that another reader also will do the same. Different people have different opinions. But still there are some factors or tips that will help you make your newspaper advertisement to look more creative and lively. These tips will also help you make your adverts effective for your targeted audience.

Another important consideration is that creative ads in the case of newspapers are primarily applicable to the display adverts because they will provide ground for scope and space for creativity and implementing creativity. Here are a few tips for eye catching newspaper ads one should try to employ: are several ways that one can implement to even achieve affordable advertising idea.

  1. The use of attractive images on your advert will draw the immediate attention of readers and this is what creative ads basically depend on. Ensure the images help you bring out the desired ad`s theme.
  2. The content of your ad should be simple and concise. Do not include many unnecessary info in your ads. This is to make sure that your advert is short and sweet to your intended readers.
  3. You should try to put your ads on a good position in the newspaper. Try to place it close to other news that many people will wish to read. This will help you to draw the attention of many audience.
  4. Always make sure that in your advert, you provide a space for contact details and the address of the head office or the company address.
  5. To make sure that your advert is more creative, please include the use of info-graphics to make a statement. This will make your ads more attractive to the newspapers readers.
  6. Another thing you need to bear in mind is that, your advertisement should affect the readers` emotions. Furthermore, your ads should also be relatable to a common person. If the readers will find your theme to be more relatable to them, then definitely they will tend to opt for your brand.
  7. Going on with tips for effective newspaper advertisements, ensure you use the right ideas for your ads. For instance, when you tend to promote your local brand, then you should employ local advertising ideas. Try to include local places that are well known and relatable to your audience.
  8. Your company logo should contain an attracting theme but remember this theme should not be changed by the newspapers advertisement. You can use different types of versions of permanent logo.

Print Advertising vs. Online Advertisements

Normally online and print advertisement have got their advantages and disadvantages when used in business promotions. Some business owners will sometimes use both print and online adverts to diversify their promotional mix.

The major difference between print and online adverts is the fact that in case of online ads, a single website or web ad can reach many customers in the whole world. This is unlike in the case of print adverts that is always targeted to specific audience. Therefore this means that the online adverts can reach many people in different places making it a cheap means for the small business owners to promote their businesses. On the other hand, the good thing with the print ads as we had said before, is that they can be used to target specific audience unlike the online adverts that can even reach the untargeted parties.

Secondly, adverts are supposed to create connections with customers. Normally in this context, print ads has more advantages than the online ads because in online ads, the targeted audience often spend only few seconds in certain website before they browse elsewhere. However, in print advertisement, the targeted audience often spend several minutes reading each page of the newspapers. So this will definitely give the print adverts more time to connect with the readers.

Considering these two types of adverts, the issue of cost of advertisement often comes in. It is very true that online ads are very cheap than print ads making it easy for small business owners to promote their businesses. On the other side, you will agree with me that having your advertisement on a newspaper is more than just a blink of an eye. You will have to spend a lot than if you could do the same using online adverts. But all the same, besides the fact that print adverts are relatively expensive, they are among the best form of advertising especially in cases where advertiser wants to target certain place or people.

Important definitions you must understand:

Newspaper advertisement – this is a printed advertisement that is published in a newspaper.

Ad, advert, advertisement, advertising, advertizement, advertizing– a public promotion of some products or service.

Classified, classified ad, classified advertisement, classified advertizement- a short ad in a newspaper (usually in small print) and usually appear alongside with ads of the same type.

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